The Goal

Worldwide crises can happen any given moment. Project: Ptolemy offers the ability to overcome disasters through robust planning tools, situational awareness tools, community engagement platforms, and a suite of researched disaster modeling functions. With your help and Project: Ptolemy, a greater chance at ensuring public safety, saving lives, and reducing the impact by disasters across the globe is a reality.



Automated Plans

Plans created based on standards pulled from agencies and groups from all over the world and adjustable with user input.


Damage Assessments

Pulling from world-wide data sources and your own personal data, Ptolemy creates damage reports for situation awareness.


Demographics Reporting

Detailed demographic information is aggregated for areas across the globe. This work is available for use in our tools.


Disaster Visualization

Our interface allows custom styling and interaction with your event. Load in our layers or load your own, then style away!


Social Platform

Engagement is critical. We offer a unique social platform for collaborating with the public and colleagues.


Open Source

Most of our work is open so our platform has the greatest possibility of aiding people. Extend to your hearts content!

Disaster Wiki

The team behind Project: Ptolemy is compiling a wiki of disaster information and data sources. We want to make sure all our research is available and usable so others can not only use our platform but also build upon it and even build out their own.



The Project: Ptolemy platform has many tools and resources focused on aiding large government agencies. Not only do we offer tools out of the box, like our automated plans creations, but we offer incredibly in depth customization. This allows large agencies to tailor their tools directly to their needs. We allow customization by the user but we also offer support plans to help you integrate your needs into your deployment. Contact us to discuss!

Contact Us

Project: Ptolemy is in initial stages of development, but we highly recommend signing up for the mailing list and following us on social media to keep up with the progress and have a chance at our early access.

  • 1440 G Street NW, Washington DC

Project: Ptolemy

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